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May 18 2017


Tips For Buying Used Harleys

Buying a used motorcycle is a great way to get an affordable bike, but the inexperienced buyer may have a hard time determining the quality of a Used Harley for sale, especially if he or she is not a mechanic. Shopping from a dealer with a reputation to protect is one way to increase the likelihood of finding a high-quality, fairly priced vehicle. For shoppers who are willing to explore other options, the following are a few tips for getting the best Used Harley Davidson Motorcycles.

Research Best Years And Models

Harley Davidson is the largest-selling brand of motorcycle in the U.S., so there is always a wide variety of years and models to choose from. Besides the style and desired features, the main thing to look for is common problems associated with different years and models. Some models had recalls on malfunctioning parts, for example, while others were known to have problems with things like cam bearings or handling stability.

Check The VIN

Because Harleys are such popular bikes, they have a high theft rate, so it's a good idea to verify that a used bike is not a stolen bike. Harley Davidson uses a very distinctive font for the VIN, making it easy to recognize and hard to replicate. The VIN should match the engine number. Make sure the title matches the vehicle's number as well.


See How The Bike Starts

Experts recommend testing a Used Harley Davidson when it's cold because starting problems are less easily concealed. To start the bike, turn on the ignition and wait until the yellow engine light turns off. Then crank the engine and check for the following warning signs. If it is slow to start, the problem could be a dying battery. Clicking noises could might indicate a problem with the lifters. Thick white exhaust smoke may be a sign of burning oil. Finally, make sure there are no warning lights on the dashboard that stay on after the bike is running.

Examine The Body For Damage

An honest owner or dealer will fully disclosure the history of the bike, but some owners may attempt to hide signs of an accident. If a bike has been in an accident, chances are the levers and footpegs may be slightly curved or bent. Similarly, aftermarket levers and pegs may also be a sign that the owner crashed and then attempted to repair the damage. The body may also show signs of abrasion if the owner didn't buff them out.

A savvy buyer can often find a good deal on a great bike. One business with a Large selection of used Harley Davidson for sale is Texas Best Used Motorcycles. Customers outside the area can browse the inventory online and then call to make a purchase. The store regularly ships bikes all over the country.

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